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PVC sheet production line

PVC sheet production line unit features are as follows:High-speed extruder using a slotted barrel (water-cooled to force feed above), with special mixing structure and barrier (or reaction) special screw, PVC sheet extrusion process high-speed, efficient.

PVC sheet production line unit features are as follows:

High-speed extruder using a slotted barrel (water-cooled to force feed above), with special mixing structure and barrier (or reaction) special screw, PVC sheet extrusion process high-speed, efficient.

The coat-hanger die with special double flow design, extrusion, sheet thickness more precise.

The temperature was controlled at ± 1 °, precise control of the plasticizing process and sheet thickness, flatness.

Three roller-ray machine with horizontal, vertical or 45 degrees of tilt, be free to lift.

Independent control of the roller temperature control system can precisely control the pressure roller temperature, so that thethickness uniformity of the sheet.

Winder with big torque motor, able to adjust its speed and tension.

Equipped with automatic meter can be set to the length of the product.

PVC sheet production line to replace the nose can also produce the silencer inner spiral PVC foam pipe.

Characteristics and uses of PVC sheet production line of PVC sheet:

Features: PVC sheet with high strength, good temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance. Additives can be achieved to increase the strength, toughness, hardness, flame-retardant and printing requirements.

Uses: packaging, printing, stationery and art products. The main products include gift bags, advertising bags, paper bags, lamp shade, and food packaging.


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