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Plastic network management equipment

Plastic net pipe (viscous net pipe) is extruded by PET. It can extrude different sizes and colors of net pipe according to customer's requirements.


Plastic net pipe (viscous net pipe) is extruded by PET. It can extrude different sizes and colors of net pipe according to customer's requirements. The difference between viscous net pipe and braided net pipe is that the intersecting parts of the wire are connected and will not be opened after cutting. It is widely suitable for the protection of glass bottles, precision hardware parts and precision instruments.

Products with good strength, high hardness, light weight and other characteristics, can be a perfect substitute for steel. Previously, in industrial networking pipes, it was mainly obtained by means of mesh welding and directly making holes in plastic pipes, which resulted in a large amount of waste of cost. Today, the direct extrusion of plastic network management will bring greater convenience to customers and better cost savings.

This network pipe not only has the characteristics of large permeable area of soft permeable pipe and high compressive strength of corrugated perforated pipe, but also has the characteristics of good anti-seepage effect, wide temperature range, strong weather resistance and long service life. It has been widely used in engineering measures such as draining permeable water, reducing and controlling groundwater level, strengthening soft soil and preventing soil collapse and sliding. Performances in drainage pipes.

Scope of application:

Highway and Railway Subgrade and Shoulder Drainage

Drainage of playgrounds, plazas and parks

Drainage of tunnels, underground buildings and roof gardens

Drainage of coal yard, waste landfill and compost yard

Drainage treatment of landslide and slope protection

Catchment system for suction wells, drainage wells and drainage ditches

Drainage treatment on back of retaining wall and abutment

Drainage of land preparation and soil and water conservation works

Water drainage system for low-lying wetland and saline-alkali land

Underground Irrigation and Drainage System for Agricultural Horticulture

Drainage treatment of mine tailings dam and ash dam of thermal power plant



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