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PET/APET/PETG/CPET/PLA Sheet Extruder Production Line Plastic Sheet Making Machine

Superior performance is over 30% in integrated high efficiency. This line is also used for production of PS, PP, PE and other sheet products.


PET/PETG/PMMA/PC sheet extrusion machine is one of the most advanced, mature and stable sheet extrusion lines. Compared with similar machinery, Superior performance is over 30% in integrated high efficiency. This line is also used for production of PS, PP, PE and other sheet products.


Uses: widely used instruments, instrument parts, lighting, decoration, construction, aircraft, auto parts, medical equipment, technology products, electrical insulation materials, specimens, signs, and a variety of light industry, culture and education, and daily necessities.


PET/PBT Single Layer or Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Line

This line is specially used for producing PP/PE/PS/ABS/PVC single layer or multi-layer sheet or plate, suitable in the fields of packaging, stationery, chemicals, construction, household appliances and so on.


Main technical data:

1.   Usual sheet width: 700, 900, 1020, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1700, 1800, 2100, 2200mm

2.    Usual sheet thickness: 0.5-2mm, 1.5-10mm, 6-20mm, 3-30mm


Extruder: Special screw structure, imported world-known thermocontrollers, electronics, hard gear face reducers to ensure high effective material extrusion capacity.


T -type die head: suitable compression ratio to ensure uniform flow stability.


Three-roller calendar: According to the material properties, adopting vertical three-roller, oblique three-roller, horizontal three-roller calendar. Internal roller temperature control using a unique flow channel, so that the stability of uniform distribution roller. The independent oil temperature control for three roller to ensure more stable and exact control.


Cooling frame: According to product specifications, configurations with different specifications of the stainless steel


cooling rollerEdge-cutting devices: Trimming can be divided into manual and automatic, three-dimensional configuration tool adjustment device, width adjustable.


Cut off machine: Saw cutting or knife cutting, thin type and non-friable type sheet generally usually knife cut, adopted high-quality alloy cutting tools, sharp and durable.



Single layer

Multi layer


extruder specification



PET 150-1500

Thickness of the product




Main motor power




Max extrusion capacity







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