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Pre-sale service:

According to the demand of customer, introduces various applicable processing equipment features, and can provide all kinds of equipment of experiments, and help users understand the equipment before on the purchase, processing and adapting to the ability of the material can. As far as possible to provide you with the best equipment configuration and often adaptability, recommend cost-effective equipment to our customers, and to discuss the material processing screw form and process conditions.

The sale of services:

According to various needs of the users, provide complete sets of equipment factory planning, design and processing project plan. Real-time learn the user's project schedule and our equipment processing progress, do timely supply.

After-sales service:

Provide 24-hour after-sales service special line, convenience of customers.

Free installation, debugging and training guidance operation and maintenance personnel.

Provide the user processing the follow-up service of the new product.

Make new and old products of spare parts inventory, for timely service.

The application of computer build customer file, timely access material.

Timing return visitors, establish good communication platform.

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