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Customer FAQ
One of your production machine? How is it classified?
---- Division I professional production of various plastic extrusion equipment. The equipment is divided into the following five categories: sheet sheet metal equipment, wood equipment, pipe shaped wood and plastic recycling pelletizing equipment. Each type of machine has a separate R & D center and production departments.

(2) your company's equipment how to configure?
---- Division I-made devices are not standardized, each device can be based on customer requirements demand configuration, the price of the equipment is determined by the configuration of the equipment.

Of your equipment delivery is generally how long?
---- Delivery according to the actual situation of the different devices, small devices, usually 45 working days to complete; sheet of sheet metal, wood and other large equipment you need 90 days to complete. Specific delivery of equipment can work together to negotiate, try to meet customer demand.

(4) May I ask your company is the FOB price or CIF price?
---- According to customers, FOB or CIF can provide.

5 of your equipment, how the mode of transport arrangements?
---- If the contract is signed CIF terms, the Division I will arrange for shipment to the customer side of the pier; FOB terms if you sign a contract, my company will arrange for the trailer, customs and other related procedures.

Your company will send technicians to the customers factory-installed equipment to guide the use?
--- Will be non-standard custom equipment one of the most important aspect is to provide professional after-sales service. After receiving notice of the customer's, we will promptly arrange for a technician to the customer's plant installation and guide customers to the correct operation of the use of equipment.

7. Installation of equipment how long it takes?
---- According to the equipment ordered by the customer site electricity and water supplies in the equipment prior to the completion notify the customer layout and installed, if small and medium-sized equipment for pipe, profile, etc., within three days of the installation is complete; sheet sheet metal, wood and other equipment in the customer factory production conditions with ,7-20 days of the installation is complete.

8 Payment of your company how?
---- Payment of Division I as follows: 30% advance payment is received after the signing of the contract, the balance 65% is to use the square to our factory for acceptance, confirm qualified shipments to pay 65%, installation and commissioning completed by debugging staff back to 5%. Of course, I also accept the sight.

Your company will provide free parts of some machines?
---- Yes, I am the Secretary will be shipped free distribution of the necessary spare parts and tools. But need the cost of fees for special parts.

You can mention what kind of after-sales service for customers?
---- One-year site service and lifetime warranty.

11 your company can provide the warranty conditions?
---- Division I offer the free warranty period of one year warranty are free of artificial damage to these important parts such as screws, barrels, gear box, inverter, motor and temperature control table; long-term technical support as well as zero parts of the supply.

12 after shipping, your company usually provides clearance which files to the client?
---- Our company will provide packing lists, commercial invoices, bills of lading, certificate of origin to customs clearance. If customers have special requirements before shipping the two sides to communicate better.
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