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The extruder common failure analysis and treatment of
Would like for all of us, the extruder is not strange because we're in contact with the plastic machinery industry inside the extruder is a classification of the types of plastics inside the extruder is a common plastic machinery and equipment, process in the daily operation of the extruder, the extrusion opportunities for a wide variety of failures, affecting the normal production of plastic machinery, here we have the extruder failure analysis.
The extruder failure analysis: the main motor can not start


(1) driving the program is wrong.

(2) main motor thread, whether the fuse burned ring.

(3) interlock with the main motor to work


(1) inspection procedures, according to the order in which the right car to drive.

(2) Check the main motor circuit.

(3) Check the oil pump is started, check the status of the interlock with the main motor. The pump does not open, the motor can not be opened.

(4) inverter faradism is not done and shut off the power to wait five minutes after the restart.

(5) Check whether the emergency button to reset.

The extruder failure: host current instability

1, for production reasons:

(1) feed uneven.

(2) bad main motor bearing damage or lubrication.

(3) a certain period of heater failure, not heating.

(4) screw adjust the pad does not, or phase, not interference components.


(1) Check the feeding machine, troubleshooting.

(2) maintenance of the main motor, if necessary, replace the bearing.

(3) Check the heater is working properly, if necessary, replace the heater.

(4) Check and adjust the pad, pull out the screw check the screw without interference.

The extruder failure: the main power is too high starting current


(1) lack of heating time, torque.

(2) a certain period of heater does not work.


(1) The car should be hand drive cars, if not easy, to extend the heating time or check paragraphs heater is working properly.

The failure of the extruder: nose discharge poor or blockage


(1) heater certain period of work, materials, plastics bad.

(2) The operating temperature is set low, the molecular weight distribution of the plastic wide instability.

(3) may have a foreign body does not easily melt.


(1) Check the heater and replace if necessary.

(2) verification of all the set temperature, if necessary, in consultation with the craft, and to raise the temperature settings.

(3) clean-up check extrusion systems and nose.

The extruder failure analysis: the main motor to unusual sounds:


(1) main motor bearing damage.

(2) the main motor in the thyristor rectifier circuit, a thyristor is damaged.


(1) the replacement of the main motor bearings.

(2) Check the thyristor rectifier circuit, if necessary, replace the thyristor.
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