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PERT heating equipment

The special single screw extruder for polyolefin diameter has the characteristics of high speed extrusion and high efficiency plasticization.


The company independently developed and manufactured heating pipe production line unit features as follows:

1. High-speed extruder adopts slotted barrel (water-cooled forced feeding section) and barrier screw (or reactive screw) with special mixing structure to realize high speed and high efficiency in the extrusion process of polyolefin pipes.

2. The special structure of the die overcomes the stress orientation of polymer molecular chains during tube embryo forming, and makes the excellent physical and chemical properties of polyolefin raw materials replicate completely on the tube.

3. The vacuum setting box adopts the high-quality copper alloy sleeve (multi-sheet superimposed combination water immersion type, water curtain type) with our own intellectual property rights (invention patents, utility model patents), realizes the uniform and effective cooling and setting of pipes, and realizes the high-speed production of pipes.

4. The whole heating pipe production line adopts a new generation of imported PCC programmable computer control system, which guarantees the high-speed, stable and reliable control of the whole heating pipe production line.

5. The production speed of 20mm pipe can reach 15 mm/min.

The special single screw extruder for polyolefin diameter has the characteristics of high speed extrusion and high efficiency plasticization. Professional separating mixing screw for polyene diameter; specially designed co-extrusion die runner is reasonable, the inner and outer wall of pipe is smooth and the internal stress is small; the product diameter range is 20mm-630mm, and the produced pipe fully meets the requirements of national and international standards of China GB/T18742.2-2002.

The production line is equipped with automatic vacuum feeder and automatic constant temperature dryer.

Head die: Spiral shunt die, can be equipped with static mixing system, the material layer is fully overlapped with each other, compared with the traditional bracket die, the internal pressure distribution is more uniform.

Calibration cooling: Vacuum calibration and cooling system newly developed by Qingdao Kojie Plastic Machine. The water tank is made of stainless steel plate, and multi-stage water cooling ensures the requirement of high-speed production of thick-walled pipes and large-caliber pipes.

Bus computer control system: the latest research and design of the bus control system of Kojie Plastic Machine, temperature control accuracy can reach (+1 degree), high degree of automation and has a perfect alarm system, the whole system is easy to operate, to ensure high-speed production of pipes.

New chip-free automatic cutting machine: Qingdao Kojie Plastic Machine's latest development and design of chip-free cutting machine, cutting speed, smooth cutting section, high accuracy, low noise.

The product can also produce large-caliber PE/PP water supply pipe, which has many characteristics, such as non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, anti-aging, good heat resistance and so on. It can be widely used in buried or surface water supply pipelines with water temperature not exceeding 45 degrees. It is an ideal product to replace galvanized steel pipe, cast iron pipe and cement pipe.



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